Solution Areas Total Operational Visibility Means Better Business Results

With technology powering virtually everything in a modern organization, total operational visibility literally gives technologists the power to make everything better. From reducing costs and risks to increasing revenue through improved customer experiences, Rocana Ops’ total visibility solution empowers CIOs and technologists everywhere to lead the business.

Digital Transformation

Leading digital companies are experts at maximizing customer experiences and minimizing costs. Competitors lacking the leader’s technical advantages are desperate to catch up. Those that succeed will have undergone a digital transformation. It can be a scary journey full of unknowns – but not with Rocana Ops. That’s because Rocana Ops enables CIOs and technologists to always be aware of what’s happening everywhere in their IT environment, at every stage in their digital transformation.

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IT Operations Monitoring

Monitoring by technology silo is like the three blind men that touched different parts of an elephant but couldn’t agree on what they were touching. What good is monitoring if you can’t see the big picture? That’s why leading digital companies also monitor across technology stacks, ensuring what they see reflects what matters most – what customers are actually experiencing. By giving technologists full visibility across stacks, Rocana Ops enables alignment of IT metrics to business priorities.

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Operational Efficiency

Everything counts in large amounts. That’s why leading digital companies relentlessly look for ways to achieve even the tiniest operational efficiencies: Aggregated, they free up significant budget and resources that can be put to more strategic uses. By providing total operational visibility, Rocana Ops gives CIOs and technologists the information they need to fully optimize CAPEX and license utilization, minimize problem determination costs, and drive other efficiencies across their entire operations.

Cloud / Agile IT

Companies must respond to changing conditions and customer feedback – fast. If they don’t, their competitors will. With IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, application changes can go from development to production within hours or days. But you can’t fix what you don’t measure, so IT agility must be combined with total operational visibility. By capturing all IT and customer events and metrics, your team can make intelligent decisions about what changes are needed and how to prioritize them. Accelerate your agile IT efforts by using Rocana Ops to collect, monitor, and analyze data from all sources – automatically and intelligently.

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Customer Experience

Losing customers is easy. Often, it takes just one bad experience. That’s why leading digital companies are hyper focused on accurately monitoring and optimizing end user experiences. Rocana Ops gives technologists that same capability. By enabling capture and analysis of all operational data behind every customer interaction – from APM metrics to 3rd party payment event records – combined with built-in anomaly detection that automatically identifies emerging issues, Rocana Ops helps technologists keep customers coming back for more.


Leading digital companies know they need more than 90 days of IT operations data to spot intruders. That’s because cyber hackers routinely attack using Advanced Persistent Threats, slowly staged over many months to avoid detection. Rocana Ops enables CIOs to help CSOs win the war against these attacks by providing them with curated data feeds – going back as far as needed – that security teams can use with the SIEM tools of their choice to identify threats.


Leading digital companies don’t make regulatory and process compliance auditing an afterthought. Rather, it’s built into their operations monitoring enabling them to quickly answer any “Who, When, Where, and What” question. Now, with Rocana Ops, any enterprise can have that same IT operations auditing capability. Rocana Ops’ limitless Search capability lets enterprises keep all audit records online searchable for as long as required, so that they can answer any time sensitive compliance questions fast.

Internet of Things

Robots. Drones. Self driving cars. Sensors everywhere. The business opportunities are endless. However, seizing those opportunities means figuring out how to reliably capture and monitor TBs/day of operational data from countless intelligent connected devices in real time. Technologists could allocate their precious time to solving that problem themselves… A better plan is to let Rocana Ops do the work. That way, technologists can focus on what they’d rather be doing – building the cool stuff.

  • Operational visibility is a tricky business. Having that level of data oversight really can make a difference in how IT can contribute to the top line. Contributing to the business – rather than just supporting the business – should be the goal of IT in terms of relevance in today's environment.Dr. Alea Fairchild, Blue Hill Research Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • With rising complexity you need to make sense of data - operational analytics is the key.John Rakowski, Forrester Analyst and Advisor
  • IT analytics lets you manage this complexity by turning Big Data inward.Jean-Pierre Garbani, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst
  • As scale and complexity increase with companies moving to the cloud, to microservice architectures, and to transient containers, monitoring needs to go back to school for its Ph.D. to cope with this new generation of IT.Donnie Berkholz, Research Director, 451 Research
  • An application that makes it easier to keep data centers up and running could become the 'killer app' for Hadoop because as companies become more dependent on large-scale customer-facing apps, it’s critical that they be reliable and scale predictably. Donald Fischer, General Catalyst Venture Partner
  • The operational data explosion has sparked a sudden and significant increase in demand for IT operations analytics (ITOA) systems.Will Cappelli, Gartner Research VP