Rocana Ops Engineered to Deliver Complete Visibility

Enterprise IT environments are extremely complex. Seeing across all systems, stacks, services, and endpoints requires a completely new approach to IT monitoring. Enter Rocana. Combining a massively scalable and open event data warehouse with advanced analytics and guided visualizations, Rocana Ops gives technologists total operational visibility. All sources, all the time, forever.

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Advanced Analytics

Your technologists should be working on strategic business initiatives, not reacting to unexpected problems that legacy monitoring tools missed. Leave nothing to chance with Rocana Ops’ built-in anomaly detection. As data is captured, Rocana Ops automatically learns what behaviors are normal across your entire environment. If any abnormal behaviors are detected, they are brought to the attention of your technologists for further investigation. The result is fewer unexpected problems and more consistent customer experiences.

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Limitless Search and Query

When technologists have operational knowledge at their fingertips that can transform the business, they have power. Rocana Ops’ deep Search capability delivers that power in spades. Capture millions of events per second totaling petabytes per month and analyze everything online starting from the moment it is captured. Suddenly, technologists can analyze what happened a year ago as effortlessly as an hour ago, while questions that used to be impossible to answer are now answerable.

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Guided Visualizations

When trouble strikes, you need to minimize the business impact – fast. This is hard when you have to manually comb through information from different sources before you can identify the root cause. Rocana Ops’ purpose-built visual interface for IT operators dramatically speeds up the process. See and compare all abnormal behaviors in your environment at a glance. Drill down to the low level details behind any issue with a few clicks. Identify and fix problems faster.

Data Collection

Total operational visibility starts with losslessly capturing all data, from all sources, all the time. Not a problem for Rocana Ops, which is specifically designed for distributed IT environments with thousands of infrastructure components generating millions of event records per day. Rocana’s low latency data collector can capture events from virtually any source including web servers, app servers, databases, network routers, PaaS and SaaS sources, mobile endpoints, and even metrics from APM and other tools.


Architecture matters. Anybody can build another monitoring tool that works in a few specific use cases, doesn’t scale, and can’t easily integrate with other tools. But building a solution that economically and dependably scales to deliver total operational visibility across an entire enterprise so that forward thinking technologists can transform their business… Now that’s hard. Fortunately, you don’t have to do the work because we did it for you when we created Rocana Ops. Read the Architecture Whitepaper »

Open Approach

Enterprises want to innovate without being held back by yesterday’s technology choices. That’s why Rocana is committed to using proven open source technologies, and to keeping data accessible through use of open formats. Built from carefully selected open source technologies, Rocana Ops does more than deliver total operational visibility – it also future-proofs your investment, giving your technologists maximum agility and flexibility to drive continuous, unrestricted innovation.

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  • Operational visibility is a tricky business. Having that level of data oversight really can make a difference in how IT can contribute to the top line. Contributing to the business – rather than just supporting the business – should be the goal of IT in terms of relevance in today's environment.Dr. Alea Fairchild, Blue Hill Research Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • With rising complexity you need to make sense of data - operational analytics is the key.John Rakowski, Forrester Analyst and Advisor
  • IT analytics lets you manage this complexity by turning Big Data inward.Jean-Pierre Garbani, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst
  • As scale and complexity increase with companies moving to the cloud, to microservice architectures, and to transient containers, monitoring needs to go back to school for its Ph.D. to cope with this new generation of IT.Donnie Berkholz, Research Director, 451 Research
  • An application that makes it easier to keep data centers up and running could become the 'killer app' for Hadoop because as companies become more dependent on large-scale customer-facing apps, it’s critical that they be reliable and scale predictably. Donald Fischer, General Catalyst Venture Partner
  • The operational data explosion has sparked a sudden and significant increase in demand for IT operations analytics (ITOA) systems.Will Cappelli, Gartner Research VP