Webinar: Solving the Operational Visibility Challenge Across Multiple Lines of Business

Join Eric Sammer, CTO & Co-Founder of Rocana, and David Menninger, SVP & Research Director at Ventana Research, as they discuss how line of business users can achieve total visibility across operations.

Rocana Ops 2.0 Launch

Omer Trajman, Rocana CEO, and Peter Burris, Chief Research Officer at Wikibon, introduce Rocana Ops 2.0, and discuss how it enables you to turn streaming event data from across the enterprise into instant, intelligent, orchestrated actions.

Video: Power Digital Transformation with Total Operational Visibility

Rocana Ops helps level the playing field with digital native companies by providing total visibility across your environment, enabling you to be the catalyst for digital transformation.

Demo: Rocana Ops Integration with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

See how you to identify an error condition in Pivotal Cloud Foundry, visualize the issue within Rocana Ops' First Responder interface, and trigger an action in ServiceNow.

Webinar: Why Context Matters When it Comes to Ensuring Smooth IT Operations

Join Rocana CEO, Omer Trajman and Intellyx CEO, Jason Bloomberg as they discuss how correlating business metrics across all dimensions provides the context needed to power digital transformation.

Interview Series: Empowering the CIO

What are the challenges facing CIOs today? Omer Trajman, CEO of Rocana, and Adrian Bowles, Executive Analyst at RT Insights, discuss this question and offer solutions in this 5-part video series.

Podcast: Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust

Leading BI analyst Claudia Imhoff sits down with Rocana CEO Omer Trajman for a discussion on how digital leaders are using total operational visibility to gain real business advantages.

Video: Connecting IT and Business with Built-in Analytics

Omer Trajman, Rocana CEO, interviewed by SiliconANGLE TheCube, discusses the importance that context contributes to providing the full picture for total operational visibility.

Webinar: Gartner – Turning IT from Cost Center to Innovation Opportunity

Gartner Research Director Colin Fletcher and Rocana CEO Omer Trajman provide practical solutions for how businesses can drive Digital Transformation today with total IT operational visibility.

Webinar: Eliminating Scale and Time Boundaries of Traditional IT Monitoring with Rocana Ops 1.5

Rocana’s CTO, Eric Sammer, shares how Rocana Ops 1.5 helps you collect and analyze data across all sources, and enables you to become the primary catalyst for digital transformation.

Presentation: When it Comes to Customer Experience, Context is Everything

Joey Echeverria, Rocana Platform Technical Lead, discusses how your IT operational systems affect the experience of your prospects and customers.

Interview: Can Big Data level the playing field for digital-native and non-native companies?

Joey Echeverria, Platform Technical Lead at Rocana, sits down with host John Furrier at Oracle’s Redwood Shores Headquarters for a special On the Ground segment.

Interview: Eric Sammer – Data Day Texas 2016

A lively discussion with Eric Sammer, Rocana CTO, and Steve Guzman, Global Data Geeks, at Data Day Texas 2016.

Interview: Joey Echeverria on The Cube – Hadoop Summit 2016 San Jose

Joey Echeverria, Rocana Platform Technical Lead, discusses the importance of total IT operational visibility with John Furrier of SiliconANGLE The Cube.

Rocana Overview: Total Operational Visibility

By combining event data warehouse capabilities with advanced machine learning, Rocana Ops gives technologists the ability to see emerging issues anywhere in the environment, minimize security risks, and surface opportunities for innovation.

Video: Root Cause Analysis Software – Rocana’s Approach

Rocana started with a historical focus on IT monitoring – showing where and when problems were occurring with IT equipment – but now has added some predictive capabilities.

Presentation: Dr. Syslog or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Big Data

In this Strata+Hadoop Solutions Showcase, Joey Echeverria, Rocana's Director of Engineering, discusses how Rocana uses Big Data to tackle IT Operations Analytics.

Video: Bringing Big Data Analysis to Global IT Operations

Omer Trajman, Rocana CEO, interviewed at BigDataNYC 2015 by SiliconANGLE TheCube. "Rocana is really the poster child of what is going on in Big Data." –John Furrier

Webinar: The TRUTH About REAL Big Data

Rocana COO, Don Brown, shares his experience working with some of the world's largest clients and explains what criteria to use when evaluating Big Data solutions.