Brochure: Rocana Overview

Rocana offers a new approach to operational visibility, enabling companies to see data across time, in depth, from all sources, and with comparative analytics.

Data Sheet: Rocana Ops

Rocana Ops lets you turn streaming event data from across the enterprise into instant, intelligent, orchestrated actions, enabling you maximize uptime and customer satisfaction like never before.

Analyst Report: Gartner – IT Operations Analytics Must be Placed within an AIOps Context

IT leaders must extend the application of big data and machine-assisted analytics beyond availability and performance monitoring to the whole of IT operations.

Solution Brief: Financial Services

Rocana Ops helps boost the bottom line in financial services.

Solution Brief: Telecom

Rocana Ops helps Telcos turn voice and data traffic into dollars.

Solution Brief: Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Gain total visibility across your Pivotal Cloud Foundry environment with Rocana Ops.

Analyst Report: Blue Hill – Operational Visibility: On a Clear Day, Can IT See How They Can Contribute to the Top Line?

Operational visibility is a tricky business, and having a higher level of data oversight really can make a difference in how IT can contribute to the top line.

White Paper: Intellyx – Finding a Needle in a Never-Ending Barrage of Needles

As the number of nodes under management increases and the quantity of data from each node explodes, managing all these event data quickly becomes a big data challenge.

E-Book: R.E.A.L. Big Data for IT Ops Solution Buying Guide

Everyone is claiming that they do Big Data, so how do you separate the REAL from the impostors? This e-book that offers a simple acronym – R.E.A.L. – to guide you through the evaluation process.

Analyst Report: 451 Research – Rocana Commodifies Competitors while Enhancing Anomaly Detection

Organizations need to quickly gain clarity and awareness as to what is causing problems within their infrastructure, in order to easily remediate and prevent it in the future.

White Paper: Rocana Ops Architecture

Rocana Ops was built from the ground up to give system, network, and application administrators and developers true insight into modern infrastructure and applications.

White Paper: Control Your Modern IT Infrastructure

As business leaders are expecting more efficiency and flexibility from IT, technologists need powerful new ways of analyzing and interacting with data to improve operations.

White Paper: How to Investigate an Infrastructure Performance Problem

As IT infrastructure has grown more complex, IT administrators and operators should look to next-generation IT operations analytics tools that utilize guided root cause analysis.

White Paper: Improving Event Data Management and Legacy Systems

IT operators need a modern approach to event data management that relies on proven Big Data software, open source standards, machine learning, and purpose-built visualizations.

Infographic: Confusion About IT Monitoring

Survey results: How do IT pros manage operations data? What are their biggest challenges, and their views on possible solutions?

White Paper: Intellyx – Bring Web Scale to Enterprise IT Operations Management

Customer-driven digital transformation, the explosion of big data, and the rise of enterprise web scale technologies are all raising the bar on the challenges that IT operations management faces every day.