Solving the Operational Visibility Challenge Across Multiple Lines of Business

Eric Sammer, CTO & Co-Founder of Rocana, and David Menninger, SVP & Research Director at Ventana Research, discuss how line of business users can achieve total visibility across operations.

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Brochure: Rocana Overview

Rocana offers a new approach to operational visibility, enabling companies to see data across time, in depth, from all sources, and with comparative analytics.

Data Sheet: Rocana Ops

Rocana Ops lets you turn streaming event data from across the enterprise into instant, intelligent, orchestrated actions, enabling you maximize uptime and customer satisfaction like never before.

Analyst Report: Gartner – IT Operations Analytics Must be Placed within an AIOps Context

IT leaders must extend the application of big data and machine-assisted analytics beyond availability and performance monitoring to the whole of IT operations.

Solution Brief: Financial Services

Rocana Ops helps boost the bottom line in financial services.

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Video: Power Digital Transformation with Total Operational Visibility

Rocana Ops helps level the playing field with digital native companies by providing total visibility across your environment, enabling you to be the catalyst for digital transformation.

Webinar: Why Context Matters When it Comes to Ensuring Smooth IT Operations

Join Rocana CEO, Omer Trajman and Intellyx CEO, Jason Bloomberg as they discuss how correlating business metrics across all dimensions provides the context needed to power digital transformation.

Interview Series: Empowering the CIO

What are the challenges facing CIOs today? Omer Trajman, CEO of Rocana, and Adrian Bowles, Executive Analyst at RT Insights, discuss this question and offer solutions in this 5-part video series.

Podcast: Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust

Leading BI analyst Claudia Imhoff sits down with Rocana CEO Omer Trajman for a discussion on how digital leaders are using total operational visibility to gain real business advantages.

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