Rocana Ops 2.0 Brings Intelligent Automation and Cloud PaaS Agility to IT Ops

Enables IT to take real-time action on events using the power of total operational visibility and machine learning at scale

SAN FRANCISCO, December 13, 2016 – Rocana today announced Rocana Ops 2.0, enabling a new era of efficiency for IT Ops through intelligent event alerting and orchestration, a unique visual experience for first responders, and wider cloud platform visibility to achieve today’s high expectations for IT agility. These features combine to make Rocana Ops the industry’s most powerful total visibility solution for IT operations to date.

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What’s New in Rocana Ops 2.0

IT departments are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Teams have too little event information to make smart decisions, and yet too many alerts to know what to pay attention to. This leads to insufficient information about the business, requires manual reviews and delays action. That all changes with Rocana Ops 2.0.

Rocana Reflex: Bringing Intelligent Automation to IT Ops

Rocana Ops version 1 delivered total operational visibility – the foundation of effective modern IT monitoring – by providing the means of collecting every event from every source in one scalable and immediately searchable system. Now with Rocana Ops 2.0, IT teams can take real-time intelligent action on all of their event data. Rocana Reflex is a new event alerting and orchestration system that enables operations teams to provide smart, instant, and automated reactions based on what is happening in their environment. Building on Rocana Ops’ anomaly detection capabilities, predefined actions can be automatically executed whenever expected or unexpected conditions of your choosing occur. A full audit trail of automated actions is kept for future reference and auditing. The result is enterprise grade system uptime and greater efficiency in the most demanding IT environments.

Rocana Reflex is not a traditional monitoring and alerting solution: it is powered by the same massively scalable, high performance infrastructure that enables Rocana Ops to provide total operational visibility. Legacy monitoring approaches can flag when a problem arises and enable basic automated responses using limited data. Because they lack the capacity to monitor all events across all systems, networks, and infrastructure in real time, legacy alerting cannot inform operations teams exactly where and why the problem occurred. Rocana Reflex gives operations teams the ability to preconfigure an appropriate automated action for nearly any scenario and alert operators to the likely root cause, ensuring that critical issues can be immediately rectified.

All New First Responder Experience

IT Operators are swamped by a constant deluge of unsorted and uncorrelated alerts – a major concern for operations teams who can easily miss key signals buried among low-priority alert noise in conventional monitoring solutions. IT teams have tried to route these alerts through sophisticated systems to correlate alerts or prioritize what to focus on. Unfortunately, since the source alerts are based on limited visibility, these systems all suffer from the garbage in / garbage out syndrome. The result mitigates some noise but doesn’t help with reliability or fatigue.

Rocana Ops 2.0 conquers alert fatigue by providing a completely new first responder experience. Operations teams can see and manage thousands of priority-coded alerts and anomalies from across the environment in one consolidated, correlated view. Urgent problems can easily be identified and triaged in real time with unmatched efficiency. Integrated with Rocana Reflex, operations teams can automate instant action such as routing a support ticket or provisioning additional capacity such as on Amazon Web Services using a REST API. The new first responder experience can also be used to monitor progress across the alert lifecycle and to consolidate third-party alert management solutions, making Rocana Ops the go-to destination to see and monitor.

Supporting Cloud Computing Platforms for Greater IT Agility

Adopting agile IT platforms and approaches is challenging when the business runs on mission critical legacy systems. Progressive companies are adopting IaaS and PaaS infrastructure to improve agility for DevOps. As usual, IT teams are left holding the bag, with added complexity and cost because they must integrate, monitor, and maintain old and new environments.

Rocana Ops helps IT teams monitor old and new platforms from a single system. Now with the addition of first-class integration with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, users can capture and correlate logs, metrics, and other event data from sources such as OpenStack, Docker, and AWS with data from all legacy sources – over time, and in real time.

Rocana Ops 2.0 Resources and Next Steps

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Quote from Omer Trajman, CEO & Co-Founder, Rocana

“From the outset, Rocana has been focused on building a solution that solves core IT operational challenges. We’ve taken a deliberate approach where each software version is a strategically-placed stepping stone that ultimately enable us to redefine and elevate the role of IT Operations. The new capabilities provided in Rocana Ops 2.0 deliver on this promise and make it the standard-bearer for next generation IT Operations monitoring solutions.”

Quote from Peter Burris, Chief Research Officer, Wikibon/SiliconANGLE

"Wikibon research shows that IT organizations routinely fall into the trap of relying on automation tied to specific products, each in control of its own data, which can severely limit operational visibility. It's time for companies to adopt approaches that increase business opportunities by applying operational data across platforms to multiple classes of hard problems."

About Rocana

Rocana gives technology leaders total operational visibility, eliminating the silo boundaries of legacy IT monitoring and enabling digital transformation. Rocana Ops acts as a central nervous system for enterprise IT, capturing event data from all sources, processing and instantly analyzing events at scale so that IT can take informed and immediate action. By combining total operational visibility with advanced machine learning and intelligent automation, Rocana Ops gives IT the ability to see and react instantly to emerging issues anywhere in the environment and surface opportunities for innovation. Rocana was founded by big data veterans and is backed by proven digital leaders like Google Ventures (GV), Vinny Smith (Quest Software and Toba Capital), Paul Sagan (Akamai), Brian Stevens (Google), and General Catalyst.

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