Rocana Named a Leading IT Ops Startup in the Wing Venture Capital Data-First 50

SAN FRANCISCO, May 18, 2017 – Rocana has been recognized as a leading IT operations company by Wing Venture Capital in their inaugural Data-First 50 list of innovative, venture-backed startups in America. The list highlights vendors that have set out to reinvent the $150B-plus market for business applications using a powerful combination of data-centric strategies and artificial intelligence.

Rocana Named a Leading IT Ops Startup in the Wing Venture Capital Data-First 50 « Share This

According to the Data-First 50 report, “Managing IT Operations has become dramatically more complex over time, with event and alert volumes continually increasing as hackers become more sophisticated, and companies roll out initiatives such as cloud, mobile, and microservices as part of their digital transformation strategies. To deal with this complexity, businesses are turning to AI-powered Data-First applications to help them transform and automate incident management processes across their production stacks, including application, infrastructure ticketing, and monitoring tools.”

  • Applications earning recognition in the Data-First 50 exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:
  • Flexible and highly scalable data architectures
  • Embedded AI to recommend actions, predict outcomes, and/or automate responses
  • Data-driving as well as data-driven capabilities
Quote from Omer Trajman, CEO & Co-founder, Rocana

“Enterprises today need access to vast oceans of operational data in order to keep apace with new technologies, on such a fast and steep scale that legacy tools were never built to handle. Rocana was specifically designed to deliver total operational visibility across enterprises in these high complexity and scale environments, via an open and extensible monitoring solution with analytics and intelligent automation built in. Wing Venture Capital recognizes the challenges of empowering human IT operators today with data and analytics powered tools to meet the operational challenges in these increasingly complex environments, and we are proud that Rocana continues to be viewed by top influencers as a leader in this quickly evolving market.”

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About Rocana

Rocana gives technology leaders total operational visibility, eliminating the silo boundaries of legacy IT monitoring and enabling digital transformation. Rocana Ops acts as a central nervous system for enterprise IT, capturing event data from all sources, processing and instantly analyzing events at scale so that IT can take informed and immediate action. By combining total operational visibility with advanced machine learning and intelligent automation, Rocana Ops gives IT the ability to see and react instantly to emerging issues anywhere in the environment and surface opportunities for innovation. Rocana was founded by big data veterans and is backed by proven digital leaders like Google Ventures (GV), Vinny Smith (Quest Software and Toba Capital), Paul Sagan (Akamai), Brian Stevens (Google), and General Catalyst. Learn more at

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